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“Our boys are now grown. I and my wife noticed the house was becoming small for comfort and honestly, didn’t want to leave our current neighborhood of 20+ years. So we decided to expand our property and see if we could convert a few spaces here and there. After a quick appointment with the experts at Cucine Moderne USA, we became totally convinced and loved the ideas and options we were presented with. Must say, I am really pleased with the outcome of the entire project, from planning to completion.”

“My closet was all cramped up and quite unpleasant. The shelves were skewed and the entire space reeks of must. Luckily I got the help I needed to perfection from the guys here. They took the whole lot apart, cleaned it thoroughly, re-designed the layout, and added few features. Now my closet looks lovely and pleasant. I now look forward to spending my time in there.”

“A friend recommended your services as you provide free quotes and initial consultation at a point I was not so sure what to do with my home to give it a more modern appeal. I gave it a shot and was delighted with the results. I will be using your services when next I need to work on my property.”

“Cucine Moderne and the team that arrived on our business premises were on time, they managed my expectation about what they could/could not achieve given the conditions of my floors and got right down to work. I enjoyed watching how well they worked together. I was also impressed with their diligence and the care with which they completed the work. Thanks guys!”

“Just want to let it out: I’m so happy I chose Cucine Moderne USA. The service they provided was excellent and they were very efficient. My kitchen looks strange like in a good way of course. I particularly loved the new layout and accessories used which helped in creating more floor space, which I never thought possible.”

“I bought a property recently and wanted to bring the bathroom and few other rooms up to scratch as the existing façade could do with some makeover.  I never knew painting required so much attention to details. Additionally, I liked that the paints used were not as offensive as I imagined, which I must is a big relief for. Overall, the team exceeded my expectations. “

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