Closet Remodel

Closet remodel you’ve always wanted - Transform your ordinary closet into a picturesque statement asset you can brag about without lifting a finger

What does your closet look like to you - a tiny room for clothes and other fashion valuables? But who says you can’t utilize this precious space to maximum effect?

With our closet remodeling experts at Cucine Moderne USA by your side, swoon-worthy creativity, and practical-led innovations, you can expand your closet, add an extra welcoming vibe to it, and plain do whatever you’ve always desired.

Eliminate the uncertainty and take the stress off your closet remodel project. As your go-to premier residential home remodeling company, we’ll deliver affordable solutions to give your closet an instant appeal and covet-worthy upgrade.

Consider yourself booked for a treat thanks to a complete range of closet remodel services completed by professionals – all, who are experienced, highly skilled and certified locals who strive to come across as friendly buddies with the sole aim of turning your bland closet into the pride of your home.

What can we do for you?

•            Give your closet more storage room- by optimizing the vertical space (floor to ceiling) properly. We can add an extra closet pole, additional shelves, and drawers or tweak your existing arrangements and ensure you no longer go through the hassle of rotating your clothes. Need more room to store off-season items or other items you so love? We got you.

•            Light up your closet- dream a natural skylight from the sun above, we can come up with the perfect idea to suit your needs. And if artificial lighting suits you more or natural light is unavailable, we can expertly install dazzling light elements in your closet to not only provide you with visibility but also a breathtaking atmosphere. Be assured our experts will consider energy efficiency, shadow formation, heat level, etc. in deciding the best lighting option for you.

•            Closet design and re-design - the design of your closet is a big deal. If you want a design that allows you to see all the content with a single glance, we’ll deliver it. On the other hand, if you can only see a few items, it means something is wrong, and we’ll be pleased to help you correct the situation through an apt closet re-design.

The more your content is visible; making the right choices when getting dressed up becomes a breeze. Plus your closet is better organized, and it becomes easier to dress in a hurry. For this reason, you can take advantage of the many options of accessories and ideas we’ll gladly make available – from see-through wire bins, adjustable and movable shelves and drawers, glass-fronted drawers, belt and tie racks or dividers and so on.

•            Flawless closet flooring – the floor of your closet should not be treated as an afterthought. Remember how you stand bare feet in it almost every day. We can help you avoid the cold floor using simple add-ons like placing an underfoot carpet or mat for you to stand on while getting dressed up. You can also consider an underfloor heating solution for a cozier experience. We can provide wood, tiles, vinyl, and many floor types to complement your general interior décor as well.

•            Prevent the build-up of mold, mildew, and other airborne breeders - if the air flow in your closet is poor, it becomes easier for mold and mildew to thrive. Needless to remind you of the health implication and harm, it can cause your precious apparels. Luckily, we can evaluate your existing closet space and provide you with a solution to deal with this issue. Sometimes an automated bathroom fan that can go on and off at intervals is enough. Other solutions we can provide include installing the right dehumidifier to protect the content of your closet from must.

•            Walk-in closet – Getting a walk-in closet isn’t much of a hassle. You just have to desire one, and we’ll delight you with one. There are more perks: sliding doors, lights that come on when you step in, a lounge, and many more possibilities await.

The perfect closet remodel outcome you don’t want to miss

When you think of a closet remodel, you want to be sure you can maximize the storage space usage to the fullest yet having a stunning view you can’t have enough of whenever you walk in.

As your closet remodel contractor, Cucine Moderne USA allows you to enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that our team will put their heart and soul into your project and will ultimately come up with a closet of your dreams.

Be it a complex remodel or even a simple remodel, with us; you are in good hands. In the end, we help you avoid incomplete or botched jobs, costly expenses, and ensure the entire process is a pleasant experience. Think your closet needs help? Sure it does – get the closet you desire now.