Worry-free Bathroom remodeling: Refurbish, furnish and design - we help you realize your dream bathroom

Relax and unwind in your own slice of paradise

Design and functionality are the decisive criteria of a modern bathroom design. Find proven innovative techniques and creative solutions built around your needs in our experience at Cucine Moderne USA.

Whether you opt for a complete remodeling of your bathroom or the renovation of some parts of it, the most important thing is that the bathroom is precisely tailored to your wishes without blowing tons of cash.

How should the bathroom be laid out? Does it mean I’ll have to replace the tiles? Are new plumbing facilities required? These are some concerns you might be dealing with. Don’t despair; we’ll be happy to provide you with the answers and deliver the proper design and finish of the available space. The number of possible options our experts will gladly share with you is as exciting as varied, so even if you’re stuck with ideas we’ve got you covered.

Reliable, punctual, and highly-trained, your wishes will be implemented and our services tailored just for you!

From the competent and creative planning to the professional implementation, we offer you the following services:

•    Dismantling and moving

•    Plumbing and Heating

•    Wall, drywall and ceiling construction, renovation and redesign

•    Installation of vanities, fixtures, lighting, and other appliances

•    Painting

•    Underfloor heating, Tiling, and many more

Enjoy peace of mind and save on your bathroom remodeling

The remodeling of a bathroom can bring about a significant change in the home. We also understand that the expenses that go with it can be substantial. So by working according to the existing conditions of your bathroom and your planned budget, we offer you clear planning, precise calculation, and efficient implementation to help finish your project on time and within budget. This includes adapting appealing and custom-made solutions that will turn your bathroom into a place of relaxation and wellbeing.

As the main contractor, we want the entire process to be as stress-free as possible. That means we can coordinate with all suppliers and other tradespeople on your behalf, thus offering you a complete service around your bathroom renovation from one source!

If you have a limited budget for renovating your bathroom, there are still plenty of options. There are various items that you can save considerably on. Plus, we will also be glad to provide you with some tips to help you save more money.

Discover new joys with Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is more than just hiring a handyman. For the complete renovation of a bathroom, you need a contractor who is familiar with tile work, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, lighting, electrical installation and all other activities involved in realizing a perfectly finished bathroom.

Realize all your wishes with us.

If you only want new fittings or the installation of a walk-in shower you’re welcome. Similarly, we are your competent partner for the conversion of your old bathroom layout or design. The walls in the bathroom can be finished in different ways - you can think of paint, stucco, glass, stone, or tiles. Whatever your wishes, dream about it, we’ll deliver it!

At Cucine Moderne USA, you have the certainty of a contractor with a complete package of services and expertise. We keep your bathroom remodeling entirely under our own management: from the quotation to the delivery. As a contractor, we can, therefore, assure you of good completion time for your bathroom renovation and with the highest quality.

Put the planning and execution of your remodeling project in our hands – we guarantee you the best possible bathroom remodeling outcome! Contact us now to discuss your needs with one of our remodeling experts.